The Dr. Heger wine estate was established in 1935 by the rural doctor, Dr. Max Heger. His passion for wine and everything to do with wine was kindled by his patients, who were primarily wine growers, as well as his knowledge that the best conditions for wine growing were on the Kaiserstuhl in the south-western tip of Germany. Because of this he bought prime areas of the world-famous top sites Ihringer Winklerberg and Achkarrer Schlossberg. The decomposed volcanic stone lends a tangible minerality to the resultant elegant and delicate wines and their high quality is enhanced by reduced yields and careful hand harvesting.

The 21 hectares of vineyards are predominantly planted with the Pinots gris, blanc and noir, along with some Riesling and Silvaner, as well as the aromatic varieties Muscat, Scheurebe and Gewürztraminer which all thrive wonderfully here. 

From 1949 to the end of the Eighties, Dr. Heger‘s son Wolfgang Heger, alias „Mimus“, ran the estate. Joachim Heger took over responsibility for winemaking in 1981, and, together with his wife Silvia, for the winery in 1992. Joachim Heger continues the rigorous quality philosophy of his father and grandfather, combining it with modern technology, a good portion of enthusiasm and unwavering determination to produce only the very best wines. 

In order to be able to satisfy the huge demand for his wines, Joachim Heger founded the Weinhaus Joachim Heger in 1986. The area under vine is being carefully, and cautiously, extended. These are primarily vineyards with loess soils, some owned by Heger while others belong to highly qualified, ambitious partners.

Under the guidance of the experienced Dr. Heger wine estate team, the wines are made with the same care as the Dr. Heger wines, in the Heger cellars. The resulting wines are light and refreshing with ample fruit – ideal for ”everyday” enjoyment. In addition to the original Dr. Heger wine estate, Joachim and Silvia Heger’s sphere of influence now also includes Weinhaus Heger, established in 1986, and the Fischer wine estate in Nimburg-Bottingen from 1997. Here Joachim Heger produces fine wines with typical Baden opulence.